ProGIreg cities bring nature-based solutions to schools

ProGIreg cities bring nature-based solutions to schools

8 March 2022

During proGIreg’s regular knowledge-sharing online gathering ‘Living Lab Lounge’, the projects cities gathered to discuss their activities with schools on nature-based solutions – a great learning opportunity for all!

ProGIreg Front-runner city Turin has been a pioneer on this front, connecting green corridors and pollinator monitoring with schools, guiding school groups in the Living Lab, through the Farfarlle in ToUr programme, and co-creating green walls with teachers and students in schools. Together with a designer and local association, schools have been involved to plan green interventions in districts – both a fun and educational activity! Education does not have to be limited to schools; Turin also shared a DIY Youtube video, where everyone can create their own mini-urban farm. The city took part in the Climathon hackathon, to help spread the knowledge gathered in the Living Lab. The school activities of the city can be monitored in their online interactive map.

ProGIreg Follower City Piraeus, has been following the education activities of Turin closely, and had a study visit to the city to learn more. Locally the city and has identified schools and population near the abandoned railroad that could become a thriving green corridor with the help of nature-based solutions, locals and students! The city has scoped existing biodiversity opportunities and plans to green the area more with pollinator friendly plants. So far, the city has engaged in visualisation activities with teachers and students to help set the stage for implementation activities.

The visualisation exercises have entailed guided co-design activities asking young children what they would like to see in their city, and have them visualise these habitats with drawings. Older students and adults were approached with questionnaires.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for greening the industrial Piraeus, with schools and teachers across Greece expressing interest. The green corridor planned in the context of proGIreg will involve a strong component of community engagement.

Learn more about proGIreg's awareness raising activities here, among them a succesful edx MOOC course 'Nature for Urban Regeneration' that had its first run in 2021. The MOOC gathered the experiences of proGIreg cities and helped participants gain knowledge to plan their own nature-based solutions intervention with the guidance of experts.

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