Spreading awareness of nature-based solutions



Replication workshops will be organised for city staff, the private sector, civil society and other relevant stakeholders from both within and outside of the project, to facilitate knowledge transfer, exploitation and create a community of practice.

Communication, dissemination and global networking


Through the project website, social media and press work, scientific publications and the organisation of and attendance at conferences and other public events, proGIreg partners share their learnings, project updates and results, and spread awareness of the benefits of nature-based solutions. The ultimate aim, through effective communication and dissemination work, is to increase the uptake of proGIreg nature-based solutions models and approaches among key target audiences, including the local citizens, civil society, policy-makers, academia and the private sector.


Download the project flyer:

Open-access learning - proGIreg MOOC


The proGIreg Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Nature-based urban regeneration” is open-access and available via edX. Themes covered range from the co-design of nature-based solutions to their implementation and management. The course lasts eight weeks and certifications are available. Explore the course details here and watch the trailer!

Kick-off conference (D6.1)

This report provides an overview of the programme and contents of the proGIreg kick-off conference in Dortmund, 25-26 September 2018.


Kick-off conference city posters (D6.1)

These city posters were presented at the proGIreg kick-off conference in Dortmund, 25-26 September 2018. DOWNLOAD: Cascais, Cluj-Napoca, Dortmund, Piraeus, Turin, Zagreb, Zenica.

Website (D6.2)

A report on the key features, intentions and plans for future development of the proGIreg website.


Project corporate design (D6.3)

This document presents the proGIreg corporate design and provides guidance on consistent use of design elements.


Communication and dissemination (D6.12)

This plan describes the framework and procedures to be used for effective communication and dissemination work within proGIreg.


Mid-term Conference (D6.8)

This report provides an overview of the proGIreg Mid-Term Conference activities, marking the first two years of the project.


MOOC 1st run (D6.10)

A report on the first version of the MOOC 'Nature-based Urban Regeneration' on the global e-learning platform edX.


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