Turin, Italy

Population: 885,000


Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and one of Italy’s most economically important cities. Since the 1990s it has been transforming from an automotive industrial centre into a hub for start-ups and business innovation. This led to its second place in the 2016 ‘European Capital of Innovation’ competition.


Thanks to the introduction in recent years of networks of parks, green cycling lanes, and green corridors along rivers and former-railway lines, Turin has more green space per inhabitant than any other italian city.

The Living Lab: Mirafiori Sud

Turin’s Living Lab for this project is the district of Mirafiori Sud. Located on the river Sangone, it is a former working class area with 40,000 inhabitants and various social groups.  The area has high potential for urban regeneration, with its active local associations, strong cultural heritage and abandoned industrial buildings available for new community ventures.

For more details, read the summary of the Turin Living Lab:

You can also watch the video below to learn more about Turin's community-based urban farms and gardens. And watch more videos from the  Turin Living Lab here!

The map of the Living Lab:


Latest news from Turin

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