Turin, Italy

Population: 885,000


Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and one of Italy’s most economically important cities. Since the 1990s it has been transforming from an automotive industrial centre into a hub for start-ups and business innovation. This led to its second place in the 2016 ‘European Capital of Innovation’ competition.


Thanks to the introduction in recent years of networks of parks, green cycling lanes, and green corridors along rivers and former-railway lines, Turin has more green space per inhabitant than any other italian city.

The Living Lab: Mirafiori Sud

Turin’s Living Lab for this project is the district of Mirafiori Sud. Located on the river Sangone, it is a former working class area with 40,000 inhabitants and various social groups.  The area has high potential for urban regeneration, with its active local associations, strong cultural heritage and abandoned industrial buildings available for new community ventures.

All schools in Mirafiori Sud are involved in implementing and testing the innovative solutions. This will enable local families and citizens to play an active role in developing their own neighbourhood.


Latest news from Turin

Agents of change – an interview with urban gardening visionary Matteo Baldo

30 March 2020

The community-based urban farms and gardens of proGIreg Living Lab 'Orti Generali' in Turin´s Mirafiori Sud district are a prime example of nature-based solutions in action. Orti Generali aims to foster a socially inclusive and community-driven neighbourhood by enabling citizens to grow their own food. We spoke with Matteo Baldo, one of the curators of the project. Matteo is a sociologist and an educator passionate about urban horticulture.


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Understanding food in Turin

9 March 2020

What does food mean to you? What role do you play in your local food system? To some, food is purely something you put in your body so that it can function. To others, producing, preparing or consuming food is a livelihood, a hobby, or even part of a culture or local identity. In Turin, an interdisciplinary team of researchers are learning about the impact of nature-based solutions on the food-related context – the ‘foodscape’ – of the proGIreg Living Lab, Mirafiori Sud, through the city’s Food System Atlas.


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Turin’s butterfly experts welcome guests from Piraeus

13 September 2019

Last week, delegates from Piraeus (Greece) - a commercial port on the East Mediterranean coast, in one of Europe’s most densely populated municipalities - paid a visit to the community gardens of Turin (Italy) to learn how local citizens have teamed up with the university and local associations to improve urban pollinator biodiversity. 


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Designing living walls in Turin

10 May 2019

In times of increasing urbanisation, green spaces in cities are essential to reducing air and noise pollution, and increasing resilience towards the effects of climate change. But what if the ground space in inner-city areas is full with roads and concrete structures? The proGIreg team in Turin have decided to go vertical and put gardens on their walls. And just like the horizontal type, vertical gardens also need a good design. So during 4-8 March 2019, a group of Master students in System Design from the Politecnico di Torino came together for the “Life on Wall” workshop, within the framework of the proGIreg Living Lab in Mirafiori Sud, to learn all about designing green walls.


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Back to basics: city gardening rises again

4 April 2019

Concrete jungles used to be seen as a fact of city life; it's what you accepted in return for the economic and cultural opportunities that cities had to offer. The residents of Mirafiori Sud – the proGIreg Living Lab in Turin - however, have shown that times are changing, and that cities too, can be green. In February 2019 they came together to design and plan their new community gardens, - part of the 'Orti Generali' project. And they are not alone; with various styles of community gardening sprouting up throughout Europe and beyond, city gardening is the latest big trend.


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Laying the foundations towards a common vision in Turin

14 February 2019

Mirafiori Sud is creating a vision of its own future: with initial ideas being of a place where all people - young and old - want to live, work, build connections and friendships, and can freely travel around by bicycle, and where green businesses flourish.

Mirafiori Sud is the southern sub-district of Turin and proGIreg’s Living Lab in the city. As the former location for FIAT’s automobile industry, it has a working class heritage and active local community ready to join the proGIreg team in its quest to regenerate the area. And lately, the team has been very busy laying the foundations for this project.

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Joining forces to revive Mirafiori Sud’s post-industrial heritage

15 November 2018

Turin has made its first steps towards green regeneration in the city’s Living Lab, Mirafiori Sud, by hosting the first proGIreg co-design planning meeting.

Mirafiori Sud is a southern sub-district of Turin, located on the river Sangone and inhabited by approximately 40,000 residents. As a former centre of FIAT’s automobile production, Mirafiori Sud has an industrial, working class legacy and stunning post-industrial heritage, with numerous empty spaces and buildings waiting to be regenerated.


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