proGIreg inspires regeneration in Turin Climathon

proGIreg inspires regeneration in Turin Climathon

21 November 2020

How can we collectively brainstorm to ensure we are not forgetting the imminent environmental threats to our wellbeing? Enter Climathon 2020, a global event where citizens gather and innovate together for a better future.

The 2020 edition took place online in November, with proGireg Living Lab city Turin participating for the fifth time. The City of Turin and Environment Park invited citizens for a challenge – to envision a regeneration scheme for an unutilised area called ‘ex Combi’, using nature-based solutions  with proGIreg’s initiatives providing inspiration and knowledge. Over 70 participants in 13 teams took part in the competition and fun online activities ranging from yoga to a cooking competition.

The winning project aptly titled ‘Green Turin’ by the team ‘Sunny People’ (Pier Lorenzo Murra, Chiara Repetto, Cecilia Re, Pierre Carlos, Giulia Ricci) sets out a holistic plan to create a sustainable future for the area. The entrance avenue would be transformed into a welcoming green corridor, bordered by trees and paved by tiles capable of converting the mechanical energy of walking into electricity to light the path. Green roofs would be implemented to contribute to improve the microclimatic conditions and help absorb pollutants. Urban gardens would be created and managed by students and neighbourhood associations, with the produce sold at a bistro on site. Last but not least - canopies with climbing plants would surround the area providing shade and respite. To make this green dream a reality Green Turin will receive support for implementation from Torino University and Polytechnic. The winners will also be treated to a urban horticulture course with proGIreg partner Orti Generali Foundation.

Climathon Torino offered an opportunity to rethink city spaces with nature-based solutions, by combining technical expertise with creative energy and environmental awareness. Read more about proGireg Turin Living Lab’s pioneering work here.

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