Take a tour of Turin’s nature-based transformation!

Take a tour of Turin’s nature-based transformation!

12 April 2021

As proGIreg is past the mid-point of the project lifespan, we will be marking the occasion with a tour of our front-runner city Turin’s transformation with nature-based solutions (NBS) 21-22 April. Since 2018 Turin has been co-designing- and implementing nature-based solutions in its innovative proGIreg Living Lab.

Turin has managed to transform itself from an industrial automotive-hub to an innovative green city, through bottom-up initiatives involving local stakeholders. The event will take participants through the various sites of the Living Lab and its nature-based solutions, with experts reflecting on the challenges and successes faced.

So grab your cappuccino and join a school visit at 9:30 to explore the green walls and garden beds that have been designed and implemented in collaboration with the school staff and students. From the school you will explore an abandoned public building that has been repurposed to house bees and other pollinators. In the afternoon participants get to stroll by the Sangone river and sew the rest site for new soil without getting their feet dirty and pop into Orti Generali’s community gardens. On the second day, we enter an old Fiat plant area that is nowadays busy planting greens.

Find more information on the mid-term conference here and join the exciting tour 21-22 April!

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