Piraeus co-designs nature-based solutions with the next generation

Piraeus co-designs nature-based solutions with the next generation

8 June 2022

Piraeus in Greece, a proGIreg follower city, is actively engaging local schools in co-creation with nature-based solutions, to ensure a green future for the city. In May the local proGIreg partners organised an educational activity day, which saw Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons, Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe Landscape Convention, joining in to listen to the students from the Politecnico Di Milano - Sede Di Piacenza and University of West Attica, ΚΕΑΝ, studying relevant topics, showcase their planned activities under proGIreg, the plans for the abandoned Marias Kiouri railroad to become a green corridor and a school urban garden.

The students of Universities also held a co-design workshop for local primary school students on community based-urban farms and gardens, helping them inspire nature-based solutions implementation plans of the Piraeus Municipality and Ministry of Education in Greece.

See the images below for a peek into the activities and learn more about proGIreg work in Piraeus here.

Piraeus - proGIreg

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