proGireg database launches!

proGireg database launches!

1 February 2021

ProGireg has been implementing nature-based solutions in its Living Labs since 2018, aggregating data on the benefits of the solutions implemented. Gathering data will enable to quantify and exemplify work done in cities, encouraging the use of nature-based solutions (NBS) in others.

Data is collected throughout the project and analysed to provide accessible and useful indicators. The collected data and the produced indicators will be made available through a new online data platform, launched in January. The data collected is divided into six categories: spatial data, population statistics, social data at NBS level, health and well-being data at NBS level, environmental and ecological data at NBS level (carbon Impact, air temperature, air quality, PM biomonitoring, environmental footprint, biodiversity monitoring, water quality) and economic data at NBS level. The reason behind gathering such a wide range of data is to help establish a thorough picture of the socio-cultural inclusiveness, increased human health and well-being, ecological and environmental restoration, and economic and labour market benefits of NBS.

Picture: Data from proGireg Dortmun Living Lab in presented in the Database

The aim for gathering and collating data into a single user-friendly source is to gain knowledge on the cost-effectiveness of nature-based solutions, to establish a replicable model for assessing them, and to quantify their benefits to society. The data gathered will be a legacy of the projects innovative approach and help inform scaling up and monitoring activities of nature-based solutions in cities further afield.

The database will make public and aggregate information readily available for non-registered users, while raw data will also be made available for registered users. The database will be continuously updated.

Explore the proGIreg database and read more about the our robust monitoring and assessment activities.

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