Monitoring and assessing the benefits of nature-based solutions


To understand the impact of the interventions, proGIreg is carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the implemented nature-based solutions. The aims are to gain knowledge on the cost-effectiveness of nature-based solutions, establish a replicable model for assessing them and to quantify their benefits to society.

The monitoring and assessment plan is the proGIreg manual for evaluating the benefits of nature-based solutions in front-runner cities. The data management plan details what data is being collected  and how it will be managed and made accessible during and after the end of the project. The protocols of measurement present the indicators for measuring the four assessment domains – socio-cultural inclusiveness, increased human health and well-being, ecological and environmental restoration, and economic and labour market benefits.

Cities will collect data throughout the project based on the proGIreg plans and protocols. A mid-term report on the preliminary results will help inform any possible improvements to the remainder of the project. At the end of the project a final evaluation of the results will be released.

Guidelines for scaling up monitoring of nature-based solutions in cities will also be created, to guide the monitoring on a larger scale, also for use after the end of the project.

Monitoring and assessment plan (D4.1)

This document is a manual describing the general proGIreg procedure for monitoring and assessing benefits of nature-based solutions both in front-runner and follower cities.


Data management plan (D4.2)

This document describes in detail what data will be collected during the project and how the collected data will be managed during and after the end of the research project.


Protocols of measurements (D4.3)

This document presents in detail the protocols of measurement for each nature-based solution.


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