The Open Living Lab Days showcase Turin’s nature-based achievements

The Open Living Lab Days showcase Turin’s nature-based achievements

8 November 2022

The Open Living Lab Days hosted by the city of Turin 2022 as a part of the ENoLL - European Network of Living Labs, gathered over 250 participants from 5 continents working on Living Labs together to network and learn from each other’s approaches. The city of Turin showcased its many green innovations, including those developed in proGIreg!

ProGIreg’s interventions were at the centre of the workshop “Instant nature: Nature Based Solutions”, organized by Urban Lab Torino and LINKS Foundation , which presented the seven nature-based solutions implemented in the proGIreg Living Lab, and saw participants plan how these could be expanded, with new ones. ProGIreg findings were also among the ENoLL selection showcase research; Farfalle In ToUr presented on butterfly monitoring and social inclusion in Turin, highlighting the great work done with the users of mental health services in proGIreg. Università degli Studi di Torino presented on how to ensure a long-term perspective for nature-based solutions, with key insights learned from the Turin Living Lab. All in all more than 40 panels, 14 workshops and 36 innovative research were presented during the event.

The Open Living Lab Days participants also got the chance to visit the discussed proGIreg nature-based solutions on site; green roofs, green corridors, urban gardens, box gardens and aquaponics. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing we can spread successful practices across cities and countries. Learn more about the ENoLL network here and explore proGIreg’s work in Turin here.

Access the Open Living Lab Days proceedings document here for more insights on the topic.

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