Cluj-Napoca Urban Plan




The primary aim of the Cluj-Napoca Urban Plan is to facilitate the green revitalisation and transition of post-industrial neighbourhoods and peripheral residential zones.

Cluj-Napoca has been focusing in recent years on deploying flagship projects. Thus, the current strategy prioritises local efforts and reduces social discrepancies, empowering residents through sustainable interventions and regenerating local landscapes.

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Green infrastructure Buildings and amenities Nature Based Solutions
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image/svg+xmlNBS3NBS6Pilot ProjectMănășturNBS6MultifunctionalPublic SpaceTimișuluiNBS3NBS5Green Roof oncollective housing unitNBS3NBS3NBS3NBS3NBS3NBS3NBS3UrbanGardeningPolicy(priority areas)Urban Gardening Policy (priority areas)Urban Gardening Policy (priority areas)NBS5NBS5NBS5Green Roofs BuildingsRehabilitation ProgrammeGreenRoofsBuildingsRehabilitationProgrammeNBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6NBS6Green CorridorDevelopment ProgrammeGreen CorridorDevelopment ProgrammeGreen CorridorDevelopment ProgrammeGreen CorridorDevelopment ProgrammeGreen CorridorDevelopment ProgrammeNBS6SomeșAccesible CorridorNBS6NBS6Green Corridorsin formerIndustrial AreasGreen Corridors in formerIndustrial AreasGreen Corridorsin former Industrial AreasNBS6NBS6MultifunctionalPublic SpaceNădășelNBS3NBS6

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