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Learn from other European cities and their case-studies by visiting Oppla's open platform of the latest thinking on ecosystem services, natural capital and nature-based solutions.

UrbanByNature: The Global Programme for Urban Nature Pioneers to learn how to systematically plan and implement the right nature-based interventions to address challenges and set the urban development on a new trajectory.

The CLEVER Cities project uses nature-based solutions to address urban challenges and promote social inclusion in cities across Europe, South America and China.

URBiNAT focuses on the regeneration and integration of deprived social housing urban developments through an innovative and inclusive catalogue of nature-based solutions, ensuring sustainability and mobilising driving forces for social cohesion.

The Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet) makes cities around the world a better place to live through the real-life implementation and institutional integration of Edible City Solutions.

Search the naturvation atlas, which presents hundreds of examples of nature-based solutions, from across Europe.

Join the ThinkNature platform, a multi-stakeholder communication platform supporting the understanding and promotion of nature-based solutions.

Explore the tools and resources created by the RESIN project, an interdisciplinary, practice-based research project investigating climate resilience in European cities.

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