New MOOC - Nature-based Urban Regeneration!

New MOOC - Nature-based Urban Regeneration!

1 September 2021

How can we use nature to improve life in our cities? ProGIreg is launching its first MOOC 1st of November on edX, one of the foremost massive open online course (MOOC) providers created by Harvard and MIT. The course gathers the best practices of the proGIreg Living Labs. The course will introduce participants to collaborative design, implementation and evaluation of nature-based solutions (NbS) for urban renewal with local communities.

Urban dwellers all around the world are calling for cities that support health and wellbeing instead of depriving it. Especially grey and polluted industrial and post-industrial areas, often characterized by social and economic inequalities, need to be transformed into livable districts. These areas are often more vulnerable towards natural hazards anf climate change effects. Nature-based solutions have proven to be a cost-effective and inclusive solution to many of these challenges, if designed in collaboration with local entities. The course will showcase how NbS can be used to revitalise post-industrial areas and empower local communities, whilst boosting prosperity.

The course participants will be introduced to the basics of NbS followed by a deep dive into NbS that contribute to circular economy, urban food production and climate change adaptation. The students will learn about impacts of NbS on the environment, health, wellbeing and social dynamics and how to apply scientifics methods to monitor and assess them. Students will get to explore business models for NbS implementation and management, to help inspire setting up their own nature-based urban renewal projects.

The course runs over five weeks and will be instructed by proGIreg experts with contributions from leading universities, research institutions, practitioners, municipalities, NGOs and industry. The course is free, with an optional upgrade to a paid track providing certificates.

Sign up for the course on edX and learn how to set up your own nature-based regeneration strategy!

Explore the syllabus here.

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