Dortmund encourages others to implement nature-based solutions

Dortmund encourages others to implement nature-based solutions

23 March 2022

ProGIreg Front Runner city Dortmund held an online workshop inviting stakeholders interested in nature-based solutions to learn about the actions taken in proGIreg Living Lab. The municipality together with experts from ICLEI Europe and local associations, gave an overview of the activities undertaken- and lessons learned so far.

The Living Lab has seen the implementation of urban gardening and farming activities and plans for the development of aquaponics with the association Die Urbanisten leadign the work. Further local citizen-led association Naturefelder that has worked on pollinator biodiversity stressed the importance of early citizen engagement; with limited resources to ensure longevity of the implemented nature-based solutions, having citizens take ownership of the implemented solution is extremely helpful.

Photo: Pollinator implementation scheme for the proGIreg nature-based solution 'pollinator biodiversity'

The organisers hepd an interactive excercise supporting the participants to plan their own nature-bases solutions plan taking into account the potential challenges, obstacles, barries and opportunities in implementation. The workshop also saw other experts join to present on innovative models for nature-based solutions implementation, such as the potential of targeted crowdfunding to help improve neighbourhoods. Further discussion centred on connecting regional strategies with local ones, e.g. using the nature-based solution 'green corridors' to connect green spaces in the city in to a wider network of these corridors allowing for commuting in nature, improving socialisation and food production opportunities.

Top photo: Hannes Kocholl, Unsplash

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