Joining forces to revive Mirafiori Sud’s post-industrial heritage

Joining forces to revive Mirafiori Sud’s post-industrial heritage

15 November 2018

Turin has laid the foundations for green regeneration in the city’s Living Lab, Mirafiori Sud, by hosting the first proGIreg co-design planning meeting.

Mirafiori Sud is a southern sub-district of Turin, located on the river Sangone and inhabited by approximately 40,000 residents. As a former centre of FIAT’s automobile production, Mirafiori Sud has an industrial, working class legacy and stunning post-industrial heritage, with numerous empty spaces and buildings waiting to be regenerated. Above all Mirafiori Sud has a vibrant and active local community with expert knowledge of the area, ready to play a key role in designing and implementing the project, together with the team of proGIreg partners.

The planning meeting took place on 30 October 2018 in the local community centre Casa nel Parco. Key stakeholders and partners attended, including the Mirafiori Community Foundation, OrtiAlti, the Politecnico di Torino, the University of Torino, the Association Miravolante and ICLEI (responsible for the co-design process).

The city representatives gave an introductory presentation to Mirafiori Sud and guided the ICLEI visitors to the key Living Lab sites. The local team also started planning three up-coming co-design workshops, and discussed some of the nature-based solutions envisaged for Mirafiori Sud, including green roofs and walls, regenerating soil and making the local environment more pollinator friendly.

The first proGIreg co-design workshop in Turin is planned for 18 – 19 December 2018.

Image: Former FIAT factory in Mirafiori (ICLEI)

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