Students scout for ideal location for community aquaponics in Dortmund

Students scout for ideal location for community aquaponics in Dortmund

31 October 2018

Last week landscape architecture students from the RWTH University of Aachen, joined forces to find the ideal location for the proGIreg community-based aquaponics system in the Dortmund Living Lab.

The vision is to enable residents in the post-industrial area of Huckarde, to produce their own locally-grown vegetables and fish, through aquaponics. Aquaponics is ideal for food production in areas with contaminated or poor quality soil - often the case in post-industrial areas - since it requires no soil; fish waste water provides the nutrients needed to feed the plants in a symbiotic environment.

During the visit to Dortmund, the students learned about the technology and principles of recycling in aquaponics from local aquaponics experts, Die Urbanisten, and started mapping the Huckarde area.

Once the students have identified the location for the aquaponics system, they will work on the community-run concept and proposals for the aquaponics building itself.

Learn more from the RWTH Aachen Institute of Landscape Architecture and Die Urbanisten.

Image by "Axel Timpe"

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