Nature-based solutions impact handbook - new summary for policy makers available!

Nature-based solutions impact handbook - new summary for policy makers available!

3 September 2021

How to measure impacts of nature-based solutions (NbS) and quantify them in an understandable way, to ease incorporation of NbS to policy making?

Explore the 'Summary for Policy Makers' of the European Commission and NetworkNature nature-based solution Task Force authored handbook ‘Handbook 'Evaluating the Impact of Nature-based Solutions’. ProGIreg experts have contributed to the findings through monitoring and evaluation of the NbS that have been implemented in the projects Living Labs in Europe and China.

The report provides decision makers and practitioners with a framework for NbS and a set of indicators to assess their impacts over 12 societal challenges. Conducting thorough and uniform impact assessment will help practitioners conduct objective and transparent evalution of benefits and trade-offs of nature-based interventions. Over time the impact assessment enables flexible adaptations to sustain NbS performance and adjust approaches accordingly. Further having the evidence of impacts helps justify investments into NbS and mainstreaming in policy making. Last but not least impact assessment helps decision makers to tailor nature-based interventions to local needs.  

Access all the report formats and other proGIreg resources on NbS monitoring and evaluation here.

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