ProGIreg participates in CLEVER Cities final conference ‘Nature in the City’

ProGIreg participates in CLEVER Cities final conference ‘Nature in the City’

11 October 2023

ProGIreg’s sister nature-based solutions project, CLEVER Cities, has concluded after five years with its final conference in Hamburg on 26-27 September 2023. The project aimed to promote sustainable and socially inclusive cities globally, emphasising the importance of green urban spaces, community involvement, knowledge sharing, and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to address urban challenges. The project increased awareness, demonstrated the benefits of greener cities, informed policy-making, and encouraged the use of nature-based solutions in urban planning worldwide.

Not only the project CLEVER Cities was the focus of the Nature in the City conference. Also proGIreg, together with EdiCitNet and URBiNAT projects all took the stage during a dedicated sibling project panel, where they reflected on how the outputs of their ending projects will serve communities and future projects.

Audience members and sessions also included newer NbS projects, such as NBS EduWORLD, whose Ana Mitic-Radulovic (Urban Planner) moderated the conference’s final reflection panel. In her opening speech, Ana highlighted how the real strength of this event was in the relationships it built between starting and ending projects. The next generation of Horizon NbS projects does not need to re-invent the wheel, rather there is a wide range of resources to build upon and improve.

Visit the final conference page, for more on the outcomes of the event.

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