Learn how to transform your city with nature!

Learn how to transform your city with nature!

15 November 2023

MOOC for Nature-based Solutions practitioners to launch on 29 November 2023!

We direly need quick transformations in cities to make them more sustainable and to enhance life quality. Many cities are harnessing nature-based solutions (NBS) for a green transformation. The cost-effective solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, are increasingly championed by the EU. ProGIreg is launching the updated Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on 29th November 2023 to help spread the knowledge!

ProGIreg has implemented nature-based solutions in European and Chinese cities´ post-industrial districts since 2018, in dedicated ‘Living Labs’ to see the viability of the NBS and help develop replicable methodologies and approaches. These experiences have been channelled into this innovative six week-MOOC. The course will be available on the edX learning platform, one of the foremost MOOC providers created by Harvard and MIT. The course gathers the best practices of the proGIreg Living Labs. The course introduces participants to collaborative design, implementation and evaluation of nature-based solutions for urban renewal with local communities.

To create sustainable and resilient cities, urban planning needs to incorporate nature into designs - to support wellbeing of citizens and the ecosystem. Industrial and post-industrial areas need special attention as they are vulnerable to effects of climate change and are often habited by marginalized groups. ProGIreg’s Living Labs are living proof that NBS can be a cost-effective and inclusive solution to many of these challenges, if co-created with local stakeholders.

The course begins with the basics of NBS and how they can contribute to circular economy, urban food production and climate change adaptation. Participants will have the chance to learn about the impacts of NBS on environment, health and social dynamics and how to apply scientific methods to monitor and assess these. Participants explore newest research on sustainable business models for NBS to help kick-start their own nature-based urban renewal projects. Module 6 delves into details about the impacts on urban health, based on the EU research project GoGreenRoutes.

The self-paced course is supported by proGIreg and GoGreen Routes experts with contributions from leading universities, research institutions, practitioners, municipalities, NGOs and industry. The course is free, with an optional upgrade to a paid track for obtaining a certificate.

Sign up for the course on edX, commencing on 29th November at your own pace. Come learn how to set up your own nature-based regeneration strategy! Explore the syllabus and watch the trailer.

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