Piraeus, Greece, hosts cities workshop on replicating nature-based solutions

Piraeus, Greece, hosts cities workshop on replicating nature-based solutions

14 April 2023

Last month, teams from the proGIreg cities travelled to Piraeus (Greece) for a workshop focussing on urban planning for nature-based solutions. Organised by the host city partners KEAN and the City of Piraeus, and moderated by ICLEI Europe, the aim of the event was to mutually share plans, learn from each city’s experiences in replicating nature-based solutions planning, and create an impetus for the final stage of this unique project.

Day 1 began with a boat trip to learn about Piraeus’ port and its industrial importance and potential for nature-based solutions implementation. Day 2 took place at the municipal theatre with a welcome speech from the Deputy Mayor, Antonia Karakatsani, and KEAN President, Stavros Milionis. This was followed by a presentation from the local team on the city’s plans for nature-based solutions and a related site visit. After further presentations from the visiting cities on their plans, an interactive discussion focussed on recommendations and the opportunities for replication and upscaling of nature-based solutions. Key themes addressed included low carbon resilient cities, connected mobility, social inclusion and locally-led sustainable urban development, and the related types of funding opportunities. The participants also discussed which unique messages targeted at policy makers could have the most impact.

Image: Elena Petsani /ICLEI Europe

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