Local environmental compensation processes


As shown within these nature-based solutions, measures to compensate the environment are available. However embedding them into mainstream policies and urban planning procedures requires more effort, in the shape of establishing the evidence-base for NBS and unlocking funds for example via adaptation funds, taxes or public-private partnerships.


Zagreb will monitor and evaluate the environmental and social benefits of the proGIreg nature-based solutions implemented and, if successful, integrate nature-based solutions into planning procedures and policy development at local level.


Ningbo is collecting meteorological, hydrological, chemical and ecological data to develop quantitative protocols and procedures for environmental compensation.




Turin will create a financial instrument to support the scaling-up of nature-based solutions. This will include a catalogue of environmental actions that companies can implement as part of their corporate social responsibility.


A series of guidelines for protecting valuable landscapes and encouraging new developments that integrate and enhance the native vegetation are planned. These would include a dedicated policy for achieving environmental equilibrium, through community-driven small-scale interventions.

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