Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture

16 March 2021, 15:00

In this first meeting of the Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Nature-Based Enterprise community, we address a common problem many cities face. Increased awareness of climate change and biodiversity loss has led to political and policy commitments to deliver nature-based solutions to meet these challenges. However, translating visions into practice is challenging for many cities in particular newcomers to nature-based solutions. Where to start? Who to engage with? How to engage communities?  How to deliver?

In this workshop, the city of Limerick (Ireland) will present the very real challenges they face at the start of their NBS journey. In response to these challenges, we hear from Poznań (Poland), who are further along this journey, as they are successfully delivering large-scale nature-based solutions on the ground in their city. This city's success is due in no small part to its close partnership with urban planning and landscape architect practices.  Join us for an interactive Q&A session with these cities and their ‘practice’ partners to hear more about translating NBS visions into successful realities.

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