Public deliverables

Deliverable 2.1:

Methodology on spatial analysis in front-runner and follower cities

This deliverable presents the methodology, guidelines and a toolkit for developing the spatial analyses in the four front-runner and four follower cities.


Deliverable 2.2:

Spatial analysis in front-runner and follower cities

This situation analysis report presents the socio-cultural inclusiveness, human health and wellbeing, ecological and environmental restoration, and economic and labour market situation in all front-runner and follower cities. The methodology used was developed in Deliverable 2.1.

Deliverable 2.3:

Co-designing Nature-based Solutions in Living Labs

This report summarizes and highlights key outcomes of the first round of co-design workshops, held in Dortmund, Turin and Zagreb at the end of 2018 and identifies commonalities.


Deliverable 4.1:

Monitoring and Assessment Plan by CNR

This document is a manual describing the general proGIreg procedure for monitoring and assessing benefits of nature-based solutions both in front-runner and follower cities.


Deliverable 4.2:

Data Management Plan by CNR

This document describes in detail what data will be collected during the project and how the collected data will be managed during and after the end of the research project.


Deliverable 4.3:

Protocols of Measurements by CNR

This document presents in detail the protocols of measurement for each nature-based solution.


Deliverable 6.6:

Communication and Dissemination Plan by ICLEI Europe

This plan describes the framework and procedures to be used for effective communication and dissemination work within the productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration (proGIreg) project.


Deliverable 6.3:

ProGIreg Corporate Design for Project Communication by ICLEI Europe

This document serves as a basis for the proGIreg corporate design. Consistent use of proGIreg corporate design elements ensures the project is consistently recognisable publicly, and supports high-quality communication and dissemination.


Deliverable 6.2:

ProGIreg Website by ICLEI Europe

This document outlines the key features, intentions and plans for future development of the proGIreg website.



Deliverable 6.1:

ProGIreg Kick-off Conference by RWTH Aachen

This report provides an overview of the programme and contents of the proGIreg kick-off conference, which took place in Dortmund on 25-26 September  2018.


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