OpenLivingLab Days: Co-creating innovation: scaling-up from local to global

OpenLivingLab Days: Co-creating innovation: scaling-up from local to global

3 - 5 September 2019

Thessaloniki, Greece - Concert Hall M2

OpenLivingLab Days is a unique 3-day long event bringing together researchers, public authorities, companies and Living Lab practitioners to exchange knowledge, best practices, methodologies and tools related to Living Labs and user engagement.

OpenLivingLab Days (OLLD) is the annual gathering of the global Living Lab community. A space for public officials, companies, entrepreneurs, academics, living lab representatives, and innovators to connect and work together: to create new products and services, to set the basis for debate and exploration of theories, and to discuss and process policy recommendations within the practical elements of open and user-driven innovation. Through interactive panel discussions, hands-on workshops with leading experts and site visits to our local partners, OLLD offers an exclusive networking and knowledge sharing experience.
Join Living Labs, companies, public officials, policy makers, researchers, non-profits and entrepreneurs to:

  • Explore co-creation methodologies, tools and best practices
  • Meet new partners for consortium building and set-up transnational experimentation grounds
  • Transform markets by engaging citizens in co-creating products and services
  • Find potential experimentation & test environments

Theme of the event: Co-creating innovation

Why Co-creation?

  • Key component of User-driven Innovation 
  • Turning into buzzword, fear of losing quality
  • Horizon Europe plans

Why “from local to global”?

  • Up-scaling and transferring innovation
  • Connecting innovation pockets
  • SME Internationalisation: how does innovation jump between borders?

See the programme and the event website for more information.

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