19th Edition PoliTO Design Workshop

19th Edition PoliTO Design Workshop

4 - 8 March 2019

Turin, Italy

Curated by Elena Comino, Department of Land, Environment and Infrastructure Engineering - Ecology Sector
in collaboration with: dott. Agr. Andrea Vigetti

The Department of Architecture and Design will organize the “Life on Wall” workshop with Systemic Design Masters degree students who will study the construction of a green wall module part of the NBS solutions of the proGIreg Mirafiori Living lab in Turin. For that aim they will work from the concept to the real realization by analyzing in detail the various technical aspects of construction, botanical agronomy and psychological-social. At the same time with the collaboration of external experts, they will deepen basic concepts related to the potential and ability of plants in the processes of phytodepuration, the functions and benefits of the green walls indoors and outdoors, and the role of vegetation in restoring a closer "contact" between man and nature.

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